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What Are Dentures ?

Dentures are prosthetic devices that acts as replacements for permanent teeth and can be removed and returned to the mouth.

Although they take some getting used to, and do not feel exactly the same as your own teeth, they are natural looking and more comfortable than before.

Arch dentures

A full arch denture is a removable tooth replacement for those who need all their teeth replaced. Arch dentures can be crafted to provide the tooth shape and color the patient desires.


Advantages of dentures are that it improves appearance and prevents sagging of the facial muscles. It also helps people speak and eat more comfortably.

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Who needs Dentures?


Dentures are available for patients without any teeth, patients that suffered tooth loss by accident, and for senior citizens.

Full dentures are replaced every five years

Partial dentures are replaced every 2 years.

Chrome cobalt plates has a metal frame, is much thinner than plastics and lasts longer. More about chrome cobalt dentures.

Immediates are used when we extract all the teeth and the patient walks out with a new smile.